CASE HISTORY"The Smurfs App"

McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs App

Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality


In collaboration with McDonald's, our team developed an official augmented reality app centered around the beloved theme of "The Smurfs." The app was designed to enhance the Happy Meal experience for children and provide engaging activities and games featuring the iconic Smurfs characters.

App Description:

The augmented reality app revolved around the enchanting world of "The Smurfs." With the cooperation and approval of I.M.P.S., the official licensor of The Smurfs brand, every aspect of the app's development, including design, UI/UX, games, and activities, was carefully supervised and endorsed. The app featured six games, six activities, and 19 unique AR Smurfs.

Games and Activities:

The app offered a diverse range of games and activities designed to entertain and educate children. Some of the notable activities included relaxation breathing exercises, reading a digital Smurfs book, learning dance moves from the characters, growing virtual plants, learning basic sign language, and understanding child care.
The games incorporated both physical and mental challenges. Children could surf with Smurfette, ride a virtual bike through Smurf Village, play an AR Basketball game, fix a fountain by solving puzzles, engage in a recycling-themed game, and more. Each game and activity was crafted with care to ensure they were engaging, intuitive, and aligned with the Smurfs theme.


Above some images from the “Smurfs AR App” showcasing the stunning visual quality of both AR and games features.

Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality
Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality

Campaign and Recognition:

The app played a central role in the "McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs" campaign, which spanned a month. As the core subject of the campaign, the app offered an immersive experience that captivated children and brought the Smurfs world to life. The campaign garnered widespread attention and recognition, winning the "2023 Bologna Children Book Fair: Best Kids Licensing Project" award.
Throughout the development process, our team collaborated closely with I.M.P.S., presenting various milestones such as drafts of 3D models, textures, renderings, gameplay demos, and beta versions of the app. The active involvement and approval of I.M.P.S. ensured the app's adherence to the authentic Smurfs brand and enhanced its appeal to young audiences.

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The McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs app stands as a testament to successful collaboration, creativity, and innovation. By merging augmented reality technology with the beloved Smurfs theme, the app provided children with a captivating and educational experience. The variety of games and activities, inclusion of AR Smurfs, and supervision by I.M.P.S. contributed to the app's outstanding reception and its pivotal role in the "McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs" campaign.