CASE HISTORY"The Mattel App"

McDonald's Happy Meal & The Mattel App

HotWheels Car selection menu, showcasing “BoneĀ Shaker”.


Join us on an exciting journey through the McDonald's Happy Meal - Mattel campaign. Discover the joyous world where your favorite Mattel products come to life in a fun mobile app. Let's explore the magic of beloved characters, augmented reality, and the unforgettable moments created with every Happy Meal.

A Collaboration for Smiles:

McDonald's and Mattel teamed up to create an amazing experience for Happy Meal fans. By combining delicious meals with beloved Mattel products, this campaign aimed to bring happiness and spark imagination through play.

A Variety of Mattel Products:

The Happy Meal app introduces a wide range of cherished Mattel products. From the thrilling world of Hotwheels to the timeless charm of Barbie, and the strategic challenges of Blokus and Phase10, each product brings its unique magic to young adventurers.

Exciting Hotwheels Adventures:

Get ready for high-speed fun with Hotwheels! Choose from a fantastic lineup of legendary cars, including the Bone Shaker, Shark Bite, Night Shifter, and even a special car we created with Mattel's approval.
In the app, Hotwheels fans can experience the thrill of augmented reality races. Pick your favorite car and compete against friends on exciting custom-designed tracks that appear right in the palm of your hand.

Barbie, the Ultimate Playmate:

Step into the world of Barbie and let your imagination soar! With the Happy Meal app, you can join Barbie in various activities like dancing and playing football, creating endless possibilities for fun and storytelling.

Mattel, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality,AR

Phase10 gameplay in AR

Mattel, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality,AR

Blokus gameplay in AR, users can play against each other using the same WI-FI connection.


The McDonald's Happy Meal - Mattel campaign has ignited joy and imagination in children everywhere. By bringing together beloved Mattel products and innovative technology, the mobile app opens the door to limitless adventures. This campaign showcases the power of collaboration and a shared vision between two trusted brands. As we look ahead, let's continue to unlock smiles, laughter, and cherished memories with every Happy Meal, where the magic of play comes to life.

HotWheels renderings used for Mattel’s review and approval process.

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