CASE HISTORY"Meet Leicester's Dinosaurs AR Installation"

Meet Leicester's Dinosaurs AR Installation

dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation


Leicester's Museum partnered with our team to create an immersive and innovative addition to their museum experience. We designed an interconnected Augmented Reality Installation that brought the museum's dinosaur exhibits to life.

Client and Concept:

Leicester's Museum sought to enhance their museum offerings by providing visitors with an engaging encounter with dinosaurs. Our team proposed an Augmented Reality Installation that leveraged cutting-edge technology to transport visitors back in time. The objective was to create a thrilling prehistoric experience through interactive elements.
The Augmented Reality Installation showcased several notable features, each interconnected to provide a seamless and immersive experience for museum visitors:

Barrow Kipper:

By holding an iPad in front of the actual dinosaur skeleton, visitors triggered an augmented reality aquarium featuring Barrow Kipper on the museum wall. This fully animated and interactive dinosaur swam and engaged with users, allowing them to virtually feed the creature.


Augmented reality technology brought the giant dinosaur Cetiosaurus to life within the museum space. Visitors could witness the creature's movements and behaviors up close, immersing themselves in a lifelike encounter.


The installation featured the Neovenator dinosaur, utilizing a network of four iPads. Each user could view the dinosaur from their unique perspective, allowing for interactive experiences and the ability to feed the dinosaur through the individual iPads.


The installation also incorporated an interactive augmented reality dinosaur named Coelophysis. Visitors could engage with this virtual creature, observing its movements, behaviors, and even feeding it within the augmented reality environment.

Seamless Control and Management:

To streamline the operation of the installation, all the features were interconnected through Wi-Fi. The Museum responsible had the ability to control the entire installation using any iOS device. With just a tap of a finger, they could conveniently turn on or off the entire Augmented Reality Installation, ensuring smooth operation and ease of management.

dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation
dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation

Above the official postcards we have created for the “Bring Home” version of the app.They are available for sale inside the Museum’s shop.

Bring Home Version and Postcard Integration:

To extend the Augmented Reality experience beyond the museum, a "Bring home" version of the app was developed and made available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. This allowed users to enjoy playing with the dinosaurs anywhere, immersing themselves in a virtual prehistoric world.
Additionally, special postcards available within the museum's shop could be used with the Bring Home version of the app. These postcards triggered unique features and interactions within the app, further enhancing the engagement and exploration for users.

Success and Public Reception:

Leicester's Museum's Augmented Reality Installation received resounding success and positive reception. Visitors were captivated by the immersive and lifelike encounters with dinosaurs, further amplified by the seamless control and management capabilities. The installation became a major attraction, drawing increased visitor traffic and garnering praise from the public.


The Augmented Reality Installation at Leicester's Museum offered a groundbreaking experience with dinosaurs. Through the innovative use of augmented reality technology, visitors were transported into a world of prehistoric creatures, engaging with them in interactive and immersive ways. The features, including Barrow Kipper, Cetiosaurus, Neovenator and Coelophysis, coupled with the ability to control the installation seamlessly through any iOS device, elevated the overall experience. Leicester's Museum's Augmented Reality Installation achieved widespread acclaim, captivating audiences and solidifying its reputation as a remarkable and successful endeavor.

The “Bring home” version of the app is available on Apple’s AppStore and the Google Play Store.