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Stockholm17 - Solitaire17


The Hypercube is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest project, "Solitaire17," a captivating mobile solitaire game developed in collaboration with Lorenzo Gaggiotti, founder and owner of "Stockholm17" in Sweden. This case history explores the remarkable journey of creating a distinctive solitaire experience, enhanced by exceptional design and the inclusion of exciting achievements and rewards for dedicated players.

A collaborative vision:

In November 2022, The Hypercube received an exciting request from Lorenzo Gaggiotti, a renowned figure in the industry known for exceptional quality and attention to detail. Lorenzo expressed his interest in collaborating on a solitaire game for mobile devices, featuring his decks. With a shared history in street art and a longstanding personal connection, this collaboration presented an enticing opportunity.

Unveiling "Solitaire17":

After one month of dedicated development and an additional month of rigorous beta testing, The Hypercube proudly unveiled their latest project, "Solitaire17,". This unique solitaire game offers players a fresh and engaging experience, standing out from the multitude of games available in the genre.

This particular deck called “Cpt Spindel Webber” has one amazing UV light effect as its real life version.

Redefining Mobile Solitaire:

Building on their commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, The Hypercube introduced a new feature in the latest version of "Solitaire17" – achievements and rewards. Dedicated players now have the opportunity to unlock exciting in-app purchases and even win a real-life deck of cards by reaching specific milestones.

Earning Rewards and Real-Life Prizes:

Players who exhibit their dedication by playing 517 games in "Solitaire17" unlock the chance to win a coveted real-life deck of cards. The allure of this unique reward has captivated the player community, resulting in numerous enthusiasts playing over 1000 matches within a remarkably short span of time.

Immersive Gameplay and Achievement Tracking:

Through its immersive 3D gameplay and engaging mechanics, "Solitaire17" ensures that players remain captivated and motivated to achieve their goals. The game seamlessly tracks players' progress towards milestones, making the journey towards rewards a thrilling experience.

On the left you can see the final “Collection Menu”, on the right the single module sketch and 3D model

A Glimpse into the Future:

As The Hypercube looks ahead to their next project, they remain committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming. With "Solitaire17," they have established themselves as innovators in the genre, delivering not only an exceptional solitaire experience but also exciting achievements and rewards that add depth and enjoyment for players.

Above, the original brief for Solitaire17


"Solitaire17" by The Hypercube, in collaboration with Lorenzo Gaggiotti, offers a one-of-a-kind solitaire experience that sets itself apart with its immersive 3D gameplay and dedication to player satisfaction. The addition of achievements and rewards, including the opportunity to win in-app purchases and a real-life deck of cards, has garnered immense enthusiasm and engagement from players. As The Hypercube continues to explore new horizons, anticipation builds for the future projects that will further redefine and elevate the mobile gaming landscape.

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