Breaking the Silence

The Hypercube's Digital Odyssey in TV Show Production

What we have been up to in the last 5 months.

It's been an intriguing five months of anticipation, creativity, and a touch of secrecy here at The Hypercube - Digital Factory Limited. We're breaking the radio silence to share the exciting journey we've been on, contributing our digital wizardry to a Big-budget TV show for ITV that, for now, must remain nameless.

You may have wondered why the hushed tones and why the pause in our regular updates. The reason is simple - we've been fully immersed in a project that demanded our utmost attention and creativity. The time has come to lift the veil and offer you a glimpse into the digital wonderland we've been crafting.

Our role in this covert operation? Picture this: every digital graphic you see throughout the show, all the apps buzzing on the characters' phones – that's our handiwork. The Hypercube team has worked diligently to ensure that the digital aspects of the show are nothing short of spectacular.

From crafting bespoke apps on the characters' phones to weaving digital subtleties into the fabric of the storyline, we've left no pixel unturned. While we can't disclose the show's name just yet, we can promise that when it airs in 2024, the digital elements will be seamlessly integrated into the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Now, a clarification is in order. We're proud to say that our fingerprints are all over the rest of the show's digital landscape. Our journey involved a deep dive into the characters' digital lives, ensuring that every detail on their screens felt authentic and captivating.

But here's the exciting part: immediately after wrapping up our TV show venture, we leaped headfirst into another project. This new endeavor is nothing short of a digital marvel - a complex, fast-paced project with an extremely tight deadline set for December 2023. Brace yourselves for 4K videos, interactivity, and a level of innovation that's become synonymous with The Hypercube.

Are you ready?

As the digital gears continue to turn at an exhilarating pace, stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The Hypercube is not just back; we're already diving into our next digital adventure.