Breaking the Silence: The Hypercube's Digital Odyssey in TV Show Production

Breaking the Silence

The Hypercube's Digital Odyssey in TV Show Production

What we have been up to in the last 5 months.

It's been an intriguing five months of anticipation, creativity, and a touch of secrecy here at The Hypercube - Digital Factory Limited. We're breaking the radio silence to share the exciting journey we've been on, contributing our digital wizardry to a Big-budget TV show for ITV that, for now, must remain nameless.

You may have wondered why the hushed tones and why the pause in our regular updates. The reason is simple - we've been fully immersed in a project that demanded our utmost attention and creativity. The time has come to lift the veil and offer you a glimpse into the digital wonderland we've been crafting.

Our role in this covert operation? Picture this: every digital graphic you see throughout the show, all the apps buzzing on the characters' phones – that's our handiwork. The Hypercube team has worked diligently to ensure that the digital aspects of the show are nothing short of spectacular.

From crafting bespoke apps on the characters' phones to weaving digital subtleties into the fabric of the storyline, we've left no pixel unturned. While we can't disclose the show's name just yet, we can promise that when it airs in 2024, the digital elements will be seamlessly integrated into the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Now, a clarification is in order. We're proud to say that our fingerprints are all over the rest of the show's digital landscape. Our journey involved a deep dive into the characters' digital lives, ensuring that every detail on their screens felt authentic and captivating.

But here's the exciting part: immediately after wrapping up our TV show venture, we leaped headfirst into another project. This new endeavor is nothing short of a digital marvel - a complex, fast-paced project with an extremely tight deadline set for December 2023. Brace yourselves for 4K videos, interactivity, and a level of innovation that's become synonymous with The Hypercube.

Are you ready?

As the digital gears continue to turn at an exhilarating pace, stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The Hypercube is not just back; we're already diving into our next digital adventure.

Apple,apple,WWDC23,AR,VR,XR,cupertino,steve jobs

Apple's XR Headset

Apple's XR Headset:Shaping the Future Beyond Steve Jobs

Shaping the Future Beyond Steve Jobs

Apple,apple,WWDC23,AR,VR,XR,cupertino,steve jobs

Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino (CA), viewed from the AppStore’s balcony. Trees are protecting their secrets!

WWDC23 Rumors

The tech world is buzzing with anticipation as the tech giant gears up to unveil its highly awaited XR Headset at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This revolutionary product holds great significance as it marks the company's first major release since the departure of its visionary co-founder, Steve Jobs. While the XR Headset's imminent arrival generates excitement, it also evokes a sense of uncertainty due to the mixed information and Rumors swirling around. Nevertheless, Apple has consistently set the benchmark for the industry, and this new product is expected to be no exception.

Back in 2019, we had the privilege of visiting "The spaceship" and gaining insights into their projects. While we are unable to disclose the specifics of our discussions or what we witnessed, it is evident that the XR Headset has been a long-term endeavor for the company. Apple has an illustrious history of trailblazing innovations that reshape industries, whether one is a fan or critic. The Macintosh transformed graphic design and print, the iPod revolutionized the music industry, the Macintosh computer redefined personal computing, and the iPhone forever changed the landscape of mobile phones. Now, Apple is poised to redefine the AR/VR/XR industry with its forthcoming XR Headset.

Apple,apple,WWDC23,AR,VR,XR,cupertino,steve jobs

3D Model of the entire Apple Park on display inside the Apple Park’s own AppStore.
The whole structure is also visible through the use of Augmented Reality (ARKit).

The same technology we use for all our AR Products.

Little is known

Little is known about the exact features of the XR Headset, heightening anticipation for its official debut. What we can expect is a truly immersive and captivating experience that seamlessly merges the physical and virtual worlds. Apple's unwavering commitment to user experience and design aesthetics suggests that the XR Headset will deliver a visually stunning and user-friendly AR/VR experience.

One topic of speculation revolves around the pricing of the XR Headset. Apple has gained a reputation for producing premium products, leading many to anticipate a higher price point. However, it is important to recognize that Apple often finds a place in both corporate and consumer markets. While the initial focus may lean towards corporate applications, such as design, engineering, and training, it is not uncommon for Apple to introduce consumer-friendly iterations of their products in due course.

As the official unveiling of Apple's XR Headset draws closer, a mix of excitement and apprehension fills the air. Leaks and rumors can generate unrealistic expectations, but Apple has consistently delivered products that captivate and delight users. The WWDC keynote presentation will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in the tech industry, showcasing Apple's latest creation and its potential to reshape our interaction with technology and the world around us. The XR Headset has the power to blur the boundaries between reality and virtuality, leaving an indelible mark on the AR/VR/XR industry and cementing Apple's position as a frontrunner once again.

Apple,apple,WWDC23,AR,VR,XR,cupertino,steve jobs

Our CEO in front of the Apple Park “Totem” in Cupertino(CA) waiting to enter the premises.

Alessandro is a long time Apple user and deeply passionate, he bought his first Mac around 1992 (31 years ago!) and never used any other product.

Apple,apple,WWDC23,AR,VR,XR,cupertino,steve jobs

About to enter Apple Headquarters, sadly no pictures are allowed to be taken inside the premises.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with Apple's XR Headset? Get ready to witness the future unfold before your eyes.

Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality

The Smurfs App

CASE HISTORY"The Smurfs App"

McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs App

Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality


In collaboration with McDonald's, our team developed an official augmented reality app centered around the beloved theme of "The Smurfs." The app was designed to enhance the Happy Meal experience for children and provide engaging activities and games featuring the iconic Smurfs characters.

App Description:

The augmented reality app revolved around the enchanting world of "The Smurfs." With the cooperation and approval of I.M.P.S., the official licensor of The Smurfs brand, every aspect of the app's development, including design, UI/UX, games, and activities, was carefully supervised and endorsed. The app featured six games, six activities, and 19 unique AR Smurfs.

Games and Activities:

The app offered a diverse range of games and activities designed to entertain and educate children. Some of the notable activities included relaxation breathing exercises, reading a digital Smurfs book, learning dance moves from the characters, growing virtual plants, learning basic sign language, and understanding child care.
The games incorporated both physical and mental challenges. Children could surf with Smurfette, ride a virtual bike through Smurf Village, play an AR Basketball game, fix a fountain by solving puzzles, engage in a recycling-themed game, and more. Each game and activity was crafted with care to ensure they were engaging, intuitive, and aligned with the Smurfs theme.


Above some images from the “Smurfs AR App” showcasing the stunning visual quality of both AR and games features.

Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality
Smurfs, McDonald's, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality

Campaign and Recognition:

The app played a central role in the "McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs" campaign, which spanned a month. As the core subject of the campaign, the app offered an immersive experience that captivated children and brought the Smurfs world to life. The campaign garnered widespread attention and recognition, winning the "2023 Bologna Children Book Fair: Best Kids Licensing Project" award.
Throughout the development process, our team collaborated closely with I.M.P.S., presenting various milestones such as drafts of 3D models, textures, renderings, gameplay demos, and beta versions of the app. The active involvement and approval of I.M.P.S. ensured the app's adherence to the authentic Smurfs brand and enhanced its appeal to young audiences.

Don’t forget to check out our latest Demo Reel on our Official Website


The McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs app stands as a testament to successful collaboration, creativity, and innovation. By merging augmented reality technology with the beloved Smurfs theme, the app provided children with a captivating and educational experience. The variety of games and activities, inclusion of AR Smurfs, and supervision by I.M.P.S. contributed to the app's outstanding reception and its pivotal role in the "McDonald's Happy Meal & The Smurfs" campaign.


CASE HISTORY"Solitaire17"

Stockholm17 - Solitaire17


The Hypercube is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest project, "Solitaire17," a captivating mobile solitaire game developed in collaboration with Lorenzo Gaggiotti, founder and owner of "Stockholm17" in Sweden. This case history explores the remarkable journey of creating a distinctive solitaire experience, enhanced by exceptional design and the inclusion of exciting achievements and rewards for dedicated players.

A collaborative vision:

In November 2022, The Hypercube received an exciting request from Lorenzo Gaggiotti, a renowned figure in the industry known for exceptional quality and attention to detail. Lorenzo expressed his interest in collaborating on a solitaire game for mobile devices, featuring his decks. With a shared history in street art and a longstanding personal connection, this collaboration presented an enticing opportunity.

Unveiling "Solitaire17":

After one month of dedicated development and an additional month of rigorous beta testing, The Hypercube proudly unveiled their latest project, "Solitaire17,". This unique solitaire game offers players a fresh and engaging experience, standing out from the multitude of games available in the genre.

This particular deck called “Cpt Spindel Webber” has one amazing UV light effect as its real life version.

Redefining Mobile Solitaire:

Building on their commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, The Hypercube introduced a new feature in the latest version of "Solitaire17" – achievements and rewards. Dedicated players now have the opportunity to unlock exciting in-app purchases and even win a real-life deck of cards by reaching specific milestones.

Earning Rewards and Real-Life Prizes:

Players who exhibit their dedication by playing 517 games in "Solitaire17" unlock the chance to win a coveted real-life deck of cards. The allure of this unique reward has captivated the player community, resulting in numerous enthusiasts playing over 1000 matches within a remarkably short span of time.

Immersive Gameplay and Achievement Tracking:

Through its immersive 3D gameplay and engaging mechanics, "Solitaire17" ensures that players remain captivated and motivated to achieve their goals. The game seamlessly tracks players' progress towards milestones, making the journey towards rewards a thrilling experience.

On the left you can see the final “Collection Menu”, on the right the single module sketch and 3D model

A Glimpse into the Future:

As The Hypercube looks ahead to their next project, they remain committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming. With "Solitaire17," they have established themselves as innovators in the genre, delivering not only an exceptional solitaire experience but also exciting achievements and rewards that add depth and enjoyment for players.

Above, the original brief for Solitaire17


"Solitaire17" by The Hypercube, in collaboration with Lorenzo Gaggiotti, offers a one-of-a-kind solitaire experience that sets itself apart with its immersive 3D gameplay and dedication to player satisfaction. The addition of achievements and rewards, including the opportunity to win in-app purchases and a real-life deck of cards, has garnered immense enthusiasm and engagement from players. As The Hypercube continues to explore new horizons, anticipation builds for the future projects that will further redefine and elevate the mobile gaming landscape.

Please visit the Official Stockholm17 website

Download Solitaire17 from the AppStore

Download Solitaire17 from the Google Play Store

dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation

Meet Leicester's Dinosaurs AR Installation

CASE HISTORY"Meet Leicester's Dinosaurs AR Installation"

Meet Leicester's Dinosaurs AR Installation

dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation


Leicester's Museum partnered with our team to create an immersive and innovative addition to their museum experience. We designed an interconnected Augmented Reality Installation that brought the museum's dinosaur exhibits to life.

Client and Concept:

Leicester's Museum sought to enhance their museum offerings by providing visitors with an engaging encounter with dinosaurs. Our team proposed an Augmented Reality Installation that leveraged cutting-edge technology to transport visitors back in time. The objective was to create a thrilling prehistoric experience through interactive elements.
The Augmented Reality Installation showcased several notable features, each interconnected to provide a seamless and immersive experience for museum visitors:

Barrow Kipper:

By holding an iPad in front of the actual dinosaur skeleton, visitors triggered an augmented reality aquarium featuring Barrow Kipper on the museum wall. This fully animated and interactive dinosaur swam and engaged with users, allowing them to virtually feed the creature.


Augmented reality technology brought the giant dinosaur Cetiosaurus to life within the museum space. Visitors could witness the creature's movements and behaviors up close, immersing themselves in a lifelike encounter.


The installation featured the Neovenator dinosaur, utilizing a network of four iPads. Each user could view the dinosaur from their unique perspective, allowing for interactive experiences and the ability to feed the dinosaur through the individual iPads.


The installation also incorporated an interactive augmented reality dinosaur named Coelophysis. Visitors could engage with this virtual creature, observing its movements, behaviors, and even feeding it within the augmented reality environment.

Seamless Control and Management:

To streamline the operation of the installation, all the features were interconnected through Wi-Fi. The Museum responsible had the ability to control the entire installation using any iOS device. With just a tap of a finger, they could conveniently turn on or off the entire Augmented Reality Installation, ensuring smooth operation and ease of management.

dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation
dinosaurs, AR, Augmented Reality Installation

Above the official postcards we have created for the “Bring Home” version of the app.They are available for sale inside the Museum’s shop.

Bring Home Version and Postcard Integration:

To extend the Augmented Reality experience beyond the museum, a "Bring home" version of the app was developed and made available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. This allowed users to enjoy playing with the dinosaurs anywhere, immersing themselves in a virtual prehistoric world.
Additionally, special postcards available within the museum's shop could be used with the Bring Home version of the app. These postcards triggered unique features and interactions within the app, further enhancing the engagement and exploration for users.

Success and Public Reception:

Leicester's Museum's Augmented Reality Installation received resounding success and positive reception. Visitors were captivated by the immersive and lifelike encounters with dinosaurs, further amplified by the seamless control and management capabilities. The installation became a major attraction, drawing increased visitor traffic and garnering praise from the public.


The Augmented Reality Installation at Leicester's Museum offered a groundbreaking experience with dinosaurs. Through the innovative use of augmented reality technology, visitors were transported into a world of prehistoric creatures, engaging with them in interactive and immersive ways. The features, including Barrow Kipper, Cetiosaurus, Neovenator and Coelophysis, coupled with the ability to control the installation seamlessly through any iOS device, elevated the overall experience. Leicester's Museum's Augmented Reality Installation achieved widespread acclaim, captivating audiences and solidifying its reputation as a remarkable and successful endeavor.

The “Bring home” version of the app is available on Apple’s AppStore and the Google Play Store.

Jurassic World,augmented reality

Jurassic World AR

CASE HISTORY"Jurassic World AR"

Unleashing Jurassic World with Augmented Reality

Jurassic World,augmented reality


Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of dinosaurs with iCarltonAR, an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) app developed in collaboration with Carlton Books (Now Welbeck Publishing). This case history delves into the creation of a remarkable AR experience that brings the iconic dinosaurs from the official "Jurassic World - Where Dinosaurs Come To Life" Book to life, captivating users and earning accolades in the process.

Partnering for Excellence:

Welbeck Publishing approached our team with an exciting proposition - to create an AR app that complements their official "Jurassic World" book. With a commitment to achieving movie-like quality and authenticity, we eagerly joined forces with the production team to deliver an unparalleled AR experience.

Bringing Dinosaurs to Life:

iCarltonAR features a roster of the most important dinosaurs from the renowned Jurassic World franchise, including the majestic T-Rex and the cunning raptors. Leveraging our collaboration with Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the acclaimed visual effects company, we ensured that every dinosaur model and animation met the highest standards, earning the approval of Colin Trevorrow, the director.

Recognition and Success:

The exceptional quality and immersive experience offered by iCarltonAR propelled it to win the prestigious 2015 British Book Awards. This recognition validated our commitment to crafting a groundbreaking AR app that seamlessly integrates with the "Jurassic World" book, providing an unforgettable journey into the world of dinosaurs.

Mastering Details and Realism:

Our team dedicated meticulous attention to detail, meticulously modeling and texturing each dinosaur. By faithfully recreating the creatures that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, we ensured a level of realism that transported users directly into the Jurassic World.

Jurassic World,augmented reality

Capturing the Adventure:

In addition to exploring the dinosaurs, iCarltonAR empowers users to capture their unforgettable experiences. Whether it's taking videos or capturing images, the app enables users to preserve their encounters and share them with friends and family.

Jurassic World,augmented reality

Augmented Reality Unleashed:

iCarltonAR revolutionizes the reading experience by merging the physical book with digital interactivity. Each dinosaur is brought to life through AR technology, triggered by specific book pages. Users can explore the dinosaurs in life-size, employing a virtual joystick to witness their movements and behaviors.

Expanding the Universe:

Building on the success of iCarltonAR, we responded to the demand from fans and enthusiasts by releasing an update that seamlessly integrated with the new book, "From DNA to Indominus Rex." This expansion introduced the awe-inspiring new dinosaur, further enriching the AR experience for users.

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iCarltonAR immerses readers and dinosaur enthusiasts in an extraordinary world, merging the power of augmented reality with the captivating "Jurassic World" franchise. Through meticulous collaboration with production and visual effects teams, our app has garnered recognition and acclaim, delighting users with its lifelike dinosaurs and innovative interactivity. As we continue to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, iCarltonAR stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of AR in enhancing the reading experience and igniting imaginations.

Mattel, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality,AR

The Mattel App

CASE HISTORY"The Mattel App"

McDonald's Happy Meal & The Mattel App

HotWheels Car selection menu, showcasing “Bone Shaker”.


Join us on an exciting journey through the McDonald's Happy Meal - Mattel campaign. Discover the joyous world where your favorite Mattel products come to life in a fun mobile app. Let's explore the magic of beloved characters, augmented reality, and the unforgettable moments created with every Happy Meal.

A Collaboration for Smiles:

McDonald's and Mattel teamed up to create an amazing experience for Happy Meal fans. By combining delicious meals with beloved Mattel products, this campaign aimed to bring happiness and spark imagination through play.

A Variety of Mattel Products:

The Happy Meal app introduces a wide range of cherished Mattel products. From the thrilling world of Hotwheels to the timeless charm of Barbie, and the strategic challenges of Blokus and Phase10, each product brings its unique magic to young adventurers.

Exciting Hotwheels Adventures:

Get ready for high-speed fun with Hotwheels! Choose from a fantastic lineup of legendary cars, including the Bone Shaker, Shark Bite, Night Shifter, and even a special car we created with Mattel's approval.
In the app, Hotwheels fans can experience the thrill of augmented reality races. Pick your favorite car and compete against friends on exciting custom-designed tracks that appear right in the palm of your hand.

Barbie, the Ultimate Playmate:

Step into the world of Barbie and let your imagination soar! With the Happy Meal app, you can join Barbie in various activities like dancing and playing football, creating endless possibilities for fun and storytelling.

Mattel, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality,AR

Phase10 gameplay in AR

Mattel, Happy Meal, Augmented Reality,AR

Blokus gameplay in AR, users can play against each other using the same WI-FI connection.


The McDonald's Happy Meal - Mattel campaign has ignited joy and imagination in children everywhere. By bringing together beloved Mattel products and innovative technology, the mobile app opens the door to limitless adventures. This campaign showcases the power of collaboration and a shared vision between two trusted brands. As we look ahead, let's continue to unlock smiles, laughter, and cherished memories with every Happy Meal, where the magic of play comes to life.

HotWheels renderings used for Mattel’s review and approval process.

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